The tissot replica Revival Lupin Third Edition

Arsene Lupin III looks unusual at first glance. He deserves two limited edition tissot watches. First, he is a criminal and a fictional one. This is exactly what the tissot replica Revival Lupin the Third 2nd edition is. It all makes sense, however.

This watch follows the huge success of 2019's Lupin the Third A384 Reissue. It was released in conjunction with the opening tissot's new Ginza Boutique. This makes perfect sense considering the Japanese origins for the Manga,Patek Philippe Replica Watches created originally by Monkey Punch in 1967. The series is still popular in its homeland and abroad. Some fun facts include that it was a Lupin III movie, The Castle of Cagliostro, which was Hayao Miyazakea€?s feature debut. Kanye West's explosive 2005 single Touch the Sky also features Lupin.

tissot's brand new Ginza boutique

The relationship between tissot & Monkey Punch is also based on pedigree. Daisuke Jigen, the series sidekick seems to have been a bit of a horological aficionado and was seen wearing tissot watches, among other things.

This is the context. How does the watch perform? It works very well. The first 50 pieces were a dark version of the A384, with a grey and black dial. This edition is dramatic with a panda dial.tissot fake It features black registers on white fields with warm creamy lume plots. tissot gets bonus points for its simplified dial text. There is no "Chronograph Automat El Primeroa€? script beneath the tissot name. It's a small but significant change that can make a huge difference.

Although the initial release was limited to 50 pieces,Corum replica tissot has increased its demand for the Chronomaster Revival Lupin III in an edition of 200. The watch will initially be available at the Ginza boutique, followed by other boutiques and retailers as well as online via tissot's E-shop.

tissot replica Revival Lupin, Third Edition



El Primero 400 Automatic, 5 Hz beat rate, hours,tissot replica minutes with a minimum 50 hours power reserve. Chronograph with 30- and 12-hour counters. Date.


Stainless steel, 37mm water-resistant up to 50m


Bracelet with ladder in stainless steel

Limit 200 pieces, CHF 9.400

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